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Christine Gazulis PhD
Clinical Psychologist


711 D Street, Suite 207 

San Rafael, CA 94901




General Practice

I work with individuals with a wide range of interests and concerns. Whether working within a specific treatment modality such as cognitive-behavioral therapy for the treatment of anxiety or depression or within a general solution-focused framework when exploring a difficult interpersonal relationship at work, I help people to question their reactions and perceptions and to understand the underlying emotions that affect their thinking.

My work as a clinical psychologist has been influenced by family systems theory, by Carl Jung, by modern psychoanalytic theorists such as Stolorow and Atwood, and by attachment theory and the work of Daniel Stern and Daniel Siegel.

I encourage people of all ages and in all stages of life to consider psychotherapy as an avenue of personal growth. I also encourage other therapeutic modalities such as attending mindfulness training seminars, working exercise into daily routine, body work, and exploring alternative spiritual practices.

Teenagers struggling with issues of self-confidence and  with a desire to break understand parental influences may find therapy a helpful outlet. Young adults launching into financial independence and those contemplating marriage may enter therapy in order to clarify their life goals. A recent break-up with a partner may trigger symptoms of depression and anxiety, and a course of therapy may offer a means to regroup and regain emotional equilibrium.

Adults in their thirties, forties, and fifties may be questioning the quality of their relationships, feel a general dissatisfaction with their lives, have experienced the loss of a loved one, be facing a troubling medical diagnosis, or want to explore a mid-life career change. Perhaps a conflict within the family of origin has begun to strain family connections in ways that require professional intervention.

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